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Accumulating Roth IRA assets tax-efficiently

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Topic overview

There are a few reasons your clients might want to consider rolling over an IRA and/or workplace retirement plan to a Roth IRA. It may allow them to create a pool of potentially tax-free assets for themselves and their beneficiaries, which could lead to more income options for retirement. And, for clients who think they may be in a higher income tax bracket in retirement, converting and paying taxes on the assets now could be a tax-saving measure.

Use these tools to help your clients accumulate Roth IRA assets more tax-efficiently.

Is this relevant to my clients?

Individuals could benefit from these tools if they:

  • Earn too much to make annual Roth IRA contributions
  • Are able to pay the additional taxes that would result from converting pretax assets
  • Want to quickly build a sizeable pool of potentially tax-free income for retirement
  • Want to pass on tax-free income to their heirs