Time, not timing. Chart: Focus on buy and hold for the long term

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Emotional decisions during periods of short-term volatility rarely pay off in the long run.

Time in the market beats market timing


  • Investors often make the mistake of trying to time the market by simply selling out of it. Historically, some of the worst short-term market fluctuations and losses were followed by periods of substantial market recovery.


  • In a volatile market, it’s tempting to move to a “safe” asset like cash. For many of us, the prospect of loss drives our decision-making. But in many cases, the better approach is to build a resilient strategic portfolio that can help manage risks on the downside.


  • Consider your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and overall financial situation when making an investment or asset allocation decision. A significant reallocation because of short-term uncertainty rarely pays off in the long term.


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