Global Perspectives: Gain clarity in 2022

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It’s challenging to see things clearly when everything feels uncertain. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make decisions based on thorough research and industry-leading expertise. Together, we’ll gain more clarity in the year ahead.

Gain clarity in 2022: Fixed-income outlook

Gene Tannuzzo, CFA, Global Head of Fixed Income

Taking an active approach in fixed income will be key to finding investment success in the upcoming year.

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Gain clarity in 2022: A bumpy ride higher for equities

Melda Mergen, Global Head of Equities

Equity investors should expect headline risk in 2022.

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Gain clarity in 2022: Monetary policy and the yield curve

Edward Al-Hussainy, Senior Interest Rates Strategist

Monetary policy is set to become less supportive in 2022. Here’s what it means for interest rates and the yield curve.

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Gain clarity in 2022: Don’t lose sight of a growing economy

Anwiti Bahuguna, Ph.D., Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Multi-Asset Strategy

The U.S. economy will continue to grow in 2022, but COVID, inflation and the labor market may compete for headlines.

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