Credit Threads: Financial conditions

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Why are financial conditions important for credit markets? And how will they impact the Fed’s decision to raise rates? Get answers in our latest podcast.

In the very first episode of our new fixed-income podcast, Credit Threads, our fixed-income specialists discuss how central banks respond to financial conditions, how they impact bond investing and how fund managers factor financial conditions into their decision-making. Featuring: Gene Tannuzzo, Global Head of Fixed Income at Columbia Threadneedle Investments; Ed Al-Hussainy, Senior Rates & Currency Analyst at the firm; and Adrian Hilton, Head of Global Rates and Currency.


About this podcast

Credit Threads is a magazine-style podcast from Columbia Threadneedle’s Eye of the Needle team. It’s focused on the fixed-income markets and the factors that drive them. Featuring guests from Columbia Threadneedle Investments and regular segments that cover macroeconomics, inflation and central banks, and explanations of fixed-income asset classes, Credit Threads seeks to help investors understand how to generate and protect income, and how to untangle the confusing jargon of the credit markets.


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